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                              200 Holiday Inn Drive, Cambridge, ON

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The love of God abounds at Covenant Word Christian Fellowship. Our church home is built on a foundation of Bible teaching for people of all races, creeds, all ages children, youth and adults. We believe that through receiving and applying the Word of God, you will have VICTORY in your life DAILY through Jesus Christ.

If you are in the area, we invite you to join us as we worship and fellowship in God's Word every Sunday and Wednesday. Located in Cambridge, Ontario, Covenant Word Christian Fellowship (CWCF) was founded by Samuel P. Goodman. For nearly five years, CWCF has provided simple, practical teaching and understanding of the Bible. Since its establishment in 2004, this simple approach has allowed the ministry to impact the spiritual growth and success of many people. 

Pastor Sam received the vision for Covenant Word Christian Fellowship, formerly known as People of the Word Faith Ministries, while in transition from his assignment as the Pastor of Care and Cell Groups at The Life Centre in Ottawa.  CWCF was started in a home in Cambridge with three families. The teaching of the Word captivated the attention of those attending and they were able to develop a greater understanding of the Word and begin to find answers to life's challenging questions. Eventually, the church grew and became too big for the home.

CWCF moved to The Steelworkers Centre on Collier MacMillan in Cambridge.  After one year, an investment company bought the property and gave one weeks notice to find a new location. Thankfully, a family in the church owned a business in the city and allowed CWCFs use of their facilities until a new place to house meetings was found.  CWCF met in their business for 1 year and then eventually moved to another facility owned by a Cambridge Lodge. With prayer and the counsel of some seasoned men of God, the decision was made to take the offer to have our services in this Lodge. They were extremely gracious and provided exclusive rights of the facility. The ministry began to grow and CWCF began looking for a new location again.

CWCF was approached by a United Church in the city that wanted to rent out their facilities.  After much prayer, CWCF decided to have our services on a Saturday evening. A Sunday morning service was in conflict with the United church service and this was deemed as a temporary change until the church found its own facility.

Currently, CWCF is in negotiations for a church facility.  CWCF has a mandate to carry on the ministry that this church has sown into the community for over 40 years.  1 Corinthians 3:6, I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. In this next season, we sense that God is going to bring a great harvest into the Kingdom in this region.  In the latter part of 2008, our ministry embarked upon a tremendous journey of faith, releasing our faith for a property valued at $600, 000.  With very little money in our bank accounts and deciding to purchase an existing sanctuary without utilizing bank financing or loans of any kind, we believe this facility will be our home. The acquisition of this facility will be an example of one of the cornerstones of the teaching philosophy at Covenant Word Christian Fellowship, as members are taught to apply biblical faith principles to every aspect of their lives no matter how impossible the situation.

Covenant Word Christian Fellowship has a passion to see people excel in every area of their lives. Pastor Sams goal from the inception of this ministry is to teach the Bible with simplicity to ensure that people understand the Word of God.  The ministry is making an impact through bible study groups, conferences and soon to come, a Bookstore. Our vision is to continue to spread the good news via the distribution of our teachings through all forms of media.  We are always exploring other innovative avenues to preach the gospel and demonstrate the power of the Word.  The Cambridge region will not restrict the impact of this ministry. True to the name "Covenant Word Christian Fellowship", this ministry will walk in obedience to His Word and continue to teach the unadulterated Word of God.






We meet at the Holiday Inn
200 Holiday Inn Drive, Cambridge, ON N3C 1Z4 (Click here for direction)

Sundays 10:00 a.m.
Wednesdays 7:00 p.m. (Please call for details)



Covenant Word Christian Fellowship is a church that meets in Cambridge, Ontario and seeks to reach out to the entire Waterloo Region with the gospel of Jesus Christ.